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Michael Jones of RoosterTeeth and me, taken at a place and time I am not allowed to disclose due to it being a matter of national security.


So, you want to know who I am? Well dang nabbit, you’ve come to the right darn place! *sheds stereotypical Texan demeanor* Hi there, and welcome to The Short Gamer. If you were looking for a place on the internet for unbiased and reputable articles and discussion about video games, vide game culture, and other stuff that has nothing to do with video games… frankly, you came to the wrong place. You see, I am a firm believer that our own context is what makes life special. I use this blog to do the aforementioned things about video games in context to my own life experiences. The opinions are my own and none of the “facts” are guaranteed. This is not a news site, this is my soapbox.

So, me? My name is Andrew Austin and I am a gamer. Lately that’s had a lot of odd cultural connotations but I still am proud to give myself the label. Gaming is what we make it each and every day. Games are an expression of the human race that allow for the most rich storytelling and world building around. Video games don’t make people do violent things just like guns don’t’ make people go on mass shootings. There’s a whole, arduous discussion there but I don’t think I’ll touch it here.

Currently I am a Journalism student at an unnamed university. I don’t plan on officially saying what school I’m at because I don’t what that attached to the reader’s perception of what I write. For the same reason I don’t plan on bringing up my religious or political beliefs unless it’s an opinion article that’s clearly about those things. I want people to read what I write and make their own opinions based solely on the subject, not on the background of the person writing about it. That’s just silly.

I’m short, see the blog’s title. I tend to prefer role-playing games but I can find myself really playing anything. The only genre I have basically no experience in is the horror genre and its spawn. It’s not that I don’t like them, I’ve just usually had something else to play that piqued my interest more.

I enjoy storytelling. I write fiction, but anything of serious length is still a work in progress. I love books but probably not the books most people my age read. Movies are fun but I can usually only watch them once before I get bored with them. Once I know what’s going on I’m not as interested. If there’s good acting, then I fall in love. The Grey and Fury… those are some damn good films.

Damn, looking back at my old “About Me” page I can’t help but see how far I’ve come in the last few years. When I started this blog I didn’t actually own a system of my own, now I have four and a gaming PC. Since I started this blog I’ve also acquired a two year degree and am currently a little over a year away from a four year. Not too shabby.




4 comments on “About Me

  1. Hello, I find this blog very interesting seeing that you and me share the same issues. I’ve been searching for others that stutter and play games but it seems we are a few 😦 . I’m quite impressed in how you are able to stay happy and positive it’s very difficult for me. Long story short, I’m just looking for someone to play games with who shares the same burden that I do because It’s hard getting others to understand. I see that you play a lot of single player games which is what I’m starting to do mainly because talking to others drains me of my energy. I primarily play on the PC but have a Xbox and ps3 (no next gen). I have steam and battle.net but you seem to avoid multiplier games which I can understand. What you’re doing is great I hope to see more. 🙂

    • Add me on steam and xboxlive, psn too if you want but I’m not ok there too much. Once the semester is done and I’m out of school for a few months I’m planning on doing more. Just a little too busy at the moment.

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